Guidelines for CMEs to be held under the Aegis of KOS:

  1. Request to be sent at least 4 weeks before the event, to the President with a copy to the Hon Secretary of KOS
  2. Intimation is to be sent to all the KOS members. Latest address list can be got by request from the Webmaster, KOS
  3. 'Under the Aegis of KOS' should be prominently displayed on the Brochure/Invitation as well as in the Hall
  4. The Organizing Secretary as well as the members of the committee should be members of the KOS.
  5. The Speakers at the CME, should be members of KOS, if they are ophthalmologists residing and practicing in Karnataka,
  6. If President/Hon. Secretary are present in the hall, they must be invited to the Dias for the inaugural function
  7. In the absence of the President/Hon. Secretary, any member of the Managing Committee, if available in the hall, should be involved in the inauguration.

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