1. Dr MM Joshi overall best paper-
Dr Rajesh R. Feasibility of smart phone indirect ophthalmoscope for Diabetic screening.

2. Dr Krishnamurthy.1st paper award-
Dr Madhukumar. Dual staining to assess the posterior vitreous in primary Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.

3. Dr Bashir Mehkri 2nd Best paper award-
Dr Rajani Battu.Identifying mutations in Indian families with choroidremia helps in better genetic counselling.

4. Dr Ratnakar Muller paten award.3rd best paper award-
Dr Purnima srivastava.correlation between severity of keratoconus and corneal biomechanics.

5. Best cornea paper-
Dr Harsha Nagaraj Collagen cross linking in the management of advanced non resolving microbial keratitis.

6. Dr HK Nagaraj Best paper in community Ophthalmology-
Dr Rajesh R. Feasibility of smartphone indirect ophthalmoscope for Diabetic screening.

7. Best PG/Fellow paper-
Dr Nikhil Neglur. Corneal pachymetry and keratometry in keratoconus and normal subjects.

8. Best video award-
Dr KS Kumar 10 hours for IDO.

9. Best Eposter award-
Dr Shama shaligram. Efficacy of accelerated corneal collagen crosslinking and changes in higher order aberrations.

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