There are TWO email groups
It is mandatory to become a member of this group.
All the official communication will be sent on this group.
Only office bearers can post on this group.
Any member can post on this group.
Becoming a member of this group is optional.
It is a moderated group. Secretary/President will be the moderators.
It will be loosely moderated and any abuse will be prevented.

To become a member, send your name and KOS membership number by email to -

If there is any difficulty contact the Secretary, KOS

Guidelines to use the kos email groups:

All messages must have a subject. Messages without a subject will not be approved.

Only those mails which are addressed to all the members and concerned with all the members should be sent on the group mail. Mails addressed to any individual member are not to be sent on the group mail.

No individual thanks and congratulatory messages.

No advertisements.

Any complaints, enquiries, etc about KOS matters should be addressed to concerned office bearer and not sent on group mail.

If you have any suggestions to improve the KOS website or email groups you may please email to




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