Dr K Subramanian Life-Time Achievement Award
Dr P N Srinivasa Rao Life-Time Achievement Award

Padmashree Dr M M Joshi Oration Award
Dr K Bhujang Shetty Oration Award
Dr Sriganesh Oration Award

Padmashree Dr M M Joshi - Overall Best Paper Award
Dr H Krishnamurthy Prize - I Best Paper
Dr Basheer Mekhri Prize - II Best Paper
Dr H K Nagaraj Prize – Best Paper in Community Ophthalmology
Best Individual Work Among PGs
Best Cornea Free Paper Award
Dr Y L Rajashekar - Best Cataract Free Paper Award
Dr A S Guruprasad - Best Medical Retina Free Paper Award
Best Surgical Retina Free Paper Award
Dr Madhav Honnatti - Best Refractive Surgery Free Paper Award
Best Oculoplasty & Ocular Oncology Free Paper Award
Dr H M Ravindranath - Best Paediatric Ophthalmolgy & Squint Free Paper Award
Best Glaucoma Free Paper Award
Best Miscellaneous Free Paper Award
Best Uvea Free Paper Award
Best Ocular Surface Free Paper Award
Best Trauma Free Paper Award
Best Neuro-Ophthalmolgy Free Paper Award
Dr Umesh Megur - Best Film Festival Award
Best Short Video Award
Dr T K Ramesh - Best Poster Award
Dr Krishna Prasad Kudlu - Best Community Service Award
Dr Rohit Shetty - Best Research Award

Student of the Year Award

Dr K R Murthy Memorial Quiz


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